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Presented by Leon Lategan - Founder, CEO & Head Coach

Discover 7 Proven Business Idea Recipes for generating an unlimited amount of rock-solid startup ideas! And learn how you can turn your ideas into sustainable income streams under the guidance of accomplished entrepreneurs.

PLUS: There will be Q&A afterwards and a special reward for everyone who attends till the end.

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Join Leon for this exciting masterclass


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Founder, CEO & Head Coach

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan is the School of Entrepreneurship's Founder, CEO, and Head Coach.

He has coached, trained and spoken to over +50 000 entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates in South Africa and 21 cities globally, in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Mauritius, Bahrain, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Success Story

The Story of Hilton

“Before I meet[sic] with Leon, I was a poor person struggling to get work and I was earning not more than R4 000 per month and it was very difficult for me to put proper food on the table but now there is a big change in my life.

“Since he started to help me with my business I manage to buy 2 expensive vehicles and work is not a problem anymore. I don’t even know how can I thank him he is such a good person with a good heart. I have now earned close to R100 000 per month for the past 3 months.”


Hilton Mbengo

Join Leon for this exciting masterclass


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