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Success Stories

Success stories of our students.


Kasi 2 Kasi Plumbers Association

Before starting the programme Thabo made on average R 2000 profit per month. Currently his profits are between R 35 000 – R 80 000 per month.

Thabo is 54 years old and started his business in 2017. He joined the programme in 2023 and during the process, changed the whole focus and strategy of his business.

He operates in Diepsloot Soweto and extended his business to a plumbing association with 3 categories:

  • Helping aspiring plumbers in townships to get certified
  • Assist existing plumbers (3+years) to become certified and register with ARPL
  • Assist qualified plumbers with access to the market and expand their profits.

He partnered with SETA Jhb and also works with Harmony Gold Mine.

His goal for 2024 is to upskill 3000 plumbers to get them certified and registered with the relevant

With the knowledge he gained from the entrepreneurship programme he:

  • Revisited and changed his strategies
  • Changed his business management and focussed on what he does best
  • Upskilled his marketing – especially improving his social media marketing


Imbokodo Courier Services

During and after the programme she increased her profits with 75 % per month.

Nikho completed the programme in September 2023. She started her business in 2021, and is based between East London and Johannesburg.
Her business operates nationwide. 

Specific skills she learnt from the programme that enabled her and her businesses to grow:
  • she changed my whole business concept to specialize in a specific area
        (which is focussed on courier services and logistics for SME’s)
  • she learnt and understand the importance of consistency now
  • and to never give up, but rather to find solutions to every challenge she encountered
She also make use of outsourcing services in order to meet her
client’s needs.


Gemini Engineering Solutions

His annual turnover before the programme: +/- R 250 000
His annual turnover after the programme: +/- R1.1 million

Velaphi is 40 years and started his business in 2015. He is an Engineering Consultant, based in Durban.

He self-funded using his payout after resigning from his job in 2015. Since the programme, he received a R100 000 grant from a Sasol Development Fund and as part of the Sasol Programme can get up to R10 Million interest-free loan for capital expenditure required for any specific customer project.

He has grown from being a subcontractor to being the main contractor on projects.

He sustains himself and 5 employees, with about a dozen contract workers.

Skills learnt particularly from the programme:

  • Marketing strategies and following up with prospects
  • Accountability (focus, motivation, goal setting)
  • Branding (clarity and tools to use to save costs)


Chillas Zone

In the beginning, his business was small with low profits. Doing this programme contributed hugely to increasing his turnover and profits in his business.

Jack is 32 years old and based in Nkambako Village, Tzaneen, Limpopo.

His business was running for 18 months when he joined the programme in March 2023.

Valuable knowledge he gained from the programme:

  • how to handle his finances better,
  • improved his marketing strategy, 
  • the importance of time management (which he was lacking)
  • understanding goal setting and the importance of it better
  • problem analysis 

He sees this programme as a “power tool” of knowledge and

guidance that he will continue to use to grow his business.


Maxin Clothing

Doing the programme contributed hugely to increasing her turnover and profits.

Preciah is the Principal of Westvalia Day Care Centre. She lives in Khujwana Village and her business is based in Tzaneen, Limpopo.

She started her business as a hobby in October 2022, and was running for 4 months when she joined the programme in March 2023.

She employed a manager when she opened her 1st shop, in December 2023 she employed an assistant for her second shop.

She got a partner in 2023 and opened a second outlet in December 2023. She gained valuable knowledge regarding:

  • pricing structures,
  • understand the finances better and how to manage it,
  • a better understanding of her business concept,
  • gained much through proper marketing research as learnt from the programme,
  • goal setting,
  • corrected many mistakes she made in the beginning because she had little knowledge of how to run a business and
  • motivation to never give up at times when she felt she wanted to give up.


Ultra Intellects Gardening and Cleaning

He was making less than R2000 per month and now he is making an average of R6000 per month.

Silas was one of the Bursary Students in 2023 when he was 36 years old. He has developed self mastery, sales skills, business compliance and his big ‘why’ as to why he is in business.”



She had no income prior and currently makes R3000 per month.

Tasneem was 20 years old when she attended the programme in 2022. She is based in Durban and started her online business after commencing the programme.

“The area of the course that had the greatest impact on me and my business was the mindset and personal development area. It taught me to be patient and consistent even if I wasn’t seeing results immediately”


Agricultural Business

At the start of the programme she was making R1000 per week and currently she is making R3500 per week.

Luyanda was 18 years old when she attended the programme in 2022, and also started her business during the same time (in 2022).

She is based in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, and one of the most important aspects she learnt from the programme is: “Know your customer”.

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