Youth Entrepreneur


The online GOAT Youth Entrepreneur Programme™ provides Grade 8 to Grade 12 students with the coaching, blueprint, and tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs.

*GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)

The Problem

Our Youth Are
In Crisis

  • Youth unemployment is 59,6%*
    (3.5million+ between 15 and 24 years old)
  • 34,5% are NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training),
  • Affordability, Exemption and Availability are factors disallowing our youth to study,
  • Those who do get to study at University have a 50 to 60% chance of failing in their first year, and
  • There is a lack of entrepreneurial teaching at school level which leaves our youth vulnerable when leaving school.
    (*Stats SA QLFS Q3:2022)

The Solution


Youth Entrepreneur


Unlike any other programme, you get LIFETIME ACCESS, which includes all future content upgrades, mentoring and support, and our exclusive entrepreneur community. And, since you are under the guidance of accomplished entrepreneurs who coach you, you get to avoid many of the struggles that the typical entrepreneur goes through.

Programme Info

Programme starts in May 2023

Live 30-minute sessions every Wednesday at 14:30PM (GMT+2)

Recorded and available to watch online without limits

Accompanied by assignments, exercises, and case studies

Personalised guidance from an accountability coach

Interactive with Q&A at the end of each session

Bonus Tools

The Enneagram is a sense-making tool and framework that enables the development of self-awareness.

At the start of the programme, you will take the Enneagram Assessment and discover your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type (EET).

Moreover, you get a detailed report on your Enneagram Type and a debriefing session with an accredited Enneagram Coach on your Entrepreneur Enneagram Type.

Your results give you insight into your core personality traits as it reveals your intrinsic motivators, strengths and weaknesses while it guides you to create the changes needed in yourself to become the best version of yourself and ultimately a more successful entrepreneur.

Armed with this self-knowledge, you can customise your learning path for accelerated development and success.

As a free bonus, you get a complimentary 6-month subscription to our all-in-one web marketing platform called GrowthKit – valued at R1,195!

This amazing, “drag ‘n drop easy” platform allows you to quickly create a professional online presence in a few hours or days (not weeks or months), without coding or technical expertise … so you don’t have to hire a developer to get your business online.

You get all the tools you need to showcase and market your business in one place:

  • 1 Website with free hosting
    No need to worry about expensive web hosting. We will host your website for free.
  • 20 Landing pages
    Building pages is drag and drop easy. You can create any type of landing page without touching code.
  • 10GB Storage space
    Get enough online storage for all your digital landing page assets.
  • 5 E-commerce store products
    Sell anything: physical or digital products, services and memberships. Take single or recurring payments, offer upsells and more.
  • 100 CRM contacts
    Store and manage all your contacts in one place. Access detailed profiles for every lead, customer, client and member.
  • 25 Website members
    Allow your members to access their digital products in a secured content area. Manage your members through your CRM.
  • 100 Email subscribers
    Send mobile-responsive emails as campaigns or automated sequences. A/B test your subject lines or content for better results.
  • 1 Custom domain connection
    Connect your own domain (to be bought separately) to your GrowthKit account to boost your credibility.

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Still not sure if this is for you? See what our students are saying...


Leila Blom

Backyard Farms

"In 2020 was approached by a lovely man who was involved in a big charity based feeding scheme during covid lockdown. He asked me if I wanted to start a social enterprise with him based on working in communities and townships to create gardens where they grow and sell chillies onions, basil, red pepper, tomato and herbs, we then buy their harvests and use them in our range of table and cooking sauces."


"When I was asked to help start this endeavour I decided to join the School of Entrepreneurship since I knew nothing about starting a business or where to even begin! I enjoyed the diverse topics that the School of Entrepreneurship covered and after long days out I would go home and be able to share the same struggles & learn from the other students who were facing the same challenges which was motivating."

"We started Backyard Farms as a team of three (my colleagues who are husband and wife still have their own full-time jobs, so I am the only one who is working on this project full time) but it has helped immensely to have a team who can bounce ideas of one another, so I cannot take full credit for everything that has been done. We have just recently been stocked in a Wellness Warehouse and a Pick ‘n Pay so we now employed a 4th person who is helping with the production of the sauce so that I can focus on growing the business."


Pelisa Mpumlwana

Lisas Box

"To me, to actually take the initiative & be an exhibitor at the Rand Show may sound like bragging, but it was one of my greatest milestones for 2022 & most bitter sweet business challenge."

"With the School of Entrepreneurship, I have changed my way of thinking thanks to Verity Price, one of their coaches. I recently attended the Rand Show and I was not looking for opportunities to catapult to unprecedented limited heights, instead, I was looking for business opportunities that landed me where the School of Entrepreneurship has taught me in their skill implementation sessions."

"But here is the thing also, I planned for the Rand Show & no matter how much I made plans things did not go as planned. This rang true when I had to take a bus from the Eastern Cape with Lisas Box stock to Johannesburg. This challenge showed me how much I was willing to grow in business.

In summary, Lisas Box made it’s 1st yoco sale & many more thereafter. Lisas Box got featured on African Celebration TV & made new stakeholders."

The Team

Meet the Founder & head coach

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan is the School of Entrepreneurship’s Founder and Head Coach. He has coached, trained and spoken to over +50 000 entrepreneurs, business owners and corporates in South Africa and in 21 cities globally in countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Mauritius, Bahrain, Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The School of Entrepreneurship exists to create entrepreneurs because they possess the ability to spur economic growth and improve living standards for all. We aim to develop 10,000 new entrepreneurs in the next 5 years who are capable of starting sustainable and profitable businesses that create jobs and reduce unemployment.

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