Young Hustlers

Entrepreneur Programme

Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme

Unleash your child's full potential while equipping them for success in the dynamic world of tomorrow!

Designed to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and essential business skills, the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme will enable your child to confidently navigate the future, seize opportunities, and excel in business when they leave school.

Children aren't taught entrepreneurship in school - this is a serious problem

By not teaching entrepreneurship in schools, we are failing to equip the next generation with the essential skills, mindset, and tools they need to navigate the dynamic world of tomorrow. Here’s why:

The job market is constantly changing due to advancements in technology like AI, automation, and globalisation. Traditional career paths may no longer provide the same level of security, and entrepreneurial skills can help children adapt to these changes and create their own opportunities.

In times of economic uncertainty, having entrepreneurial skills can make a significant difference in a person’s ability to weather financial hardships, find alternative sources of income, and remain resilient in challenging situations.

Entrepreneurship education fosters creativity and innovation, which are vital skills in today’s competitive world. By not teaching these skills, schools may be limiting their students’ potential to develop novel solutions, think critically, and drive positive change.

Entrepreneurship equips children with problem-solving skills that are crucial for success in any career. Learning to identify and tackle challenges, think strategically, and make informed decisions is invaluable in both professional and personal contexts.

Entrepreneurial education includes lessons in financial literacy, which is an essential life skill. Children who lack financial literacy may struggle to manage their finances effectively, leading to financial stress and instability later in life.

Entrepreneurship programmes teach children the importance of leadership and teamwork, helping them develop the ability to work with others, communicate effectively, and lead projects. These skills are essential for success in any career path.

Entrepreneurship education instills a sense of empowerment and self-reliance in children, teaching them that they have the power to shape their own futures. This mindset can have a lasting impact on their confidence, motivation, and overall well-being.

The Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme is filling this gap in the education of South Africa’s children, opening their minds and broadening their horizons.

The challenges facing the parents and children of South Africa today

Research done by StatsSA, Old Mutual, and the Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa (among others) paint a scary picture as the statistics below show.

In South Africa, 61% of children drop out of school, and of those who are fortunate enough to get into a university or college, 85% drop out before finishing their degree. Youth who don’t have matric or a degree struggle to find work, as the 71% unemployment rate confirms. Moreover, the unemployment rate remains high even for youth who have matric or a degree.

The mindset and skills your child gains through the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme gives them options, should they struggle to find work after school.


School dropout rate1


Matriculants that qualify for university1


University application rejection rate5


Higher education dropout rate1


University graduation rate2


Unemployment rate: all youth3


Unemployment rate: youth with matric4


Unemployment rate: youth with a degree4

Finding a good job after school is tough when you are young, unskilled and inexperienced, and it remains difficult even if you have a degree. But, when your child knows how to think like an entrepreneur, he or she is no longer at the mercy of the job market. Instead, your child has options because he or she can start a business to generate income.

Introducing the

In the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme, your child will acquire life-changing entrepreneurship skills that put them ahead of their peers who lack these crucial skills.

The programme starts mid-year 2023

Classes are 30 minutes long and streamed online once per week

Lessons are engaging and practical with assignments

Students can attend at home or in a classroom at participating schools

All classes are recorded and available to watch anytime on our website

Positive changes your child will experience during the programme

By enrolling in the Young Hustlers Entrepreneurship Programme, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities for personal growth, leadership, and success, shaping your child’s future into something truly extraordinary.
Have your child read through the following benefits and let them tell you if they’d like to experience these benefits for themself:
Tap into your inner creativity, brainstorming fun and innovative solutions that people love because they make their lives better, making you the go-to source for fresh and exciting products or services.
Develop the ability to make confident, well-informed decisions, assessing situations and making choices that drive a business forward, impressing friends, family, and peers with your smart, decisive leadership.
Work alongside other young entrepreneurs in the programme, creating lasting friendships and valuable connections that inspire and support you, forging a powerful network to help you succeed throughout your life.
Imagine mastering the skills taught in this program, setting yourself apart from your peers, and being recognised as a young leader with unique talents, opening doors to exciting opportunities in your personal and professional life.
Gain a strong grasp on managing money, budgeting, and making smart financial choices, setting you up for a secure and prosperous future.
Use your entrepreneurial talents to tackle pressing issues and improve the lives of others, earning respect and admiration from those around you.
Stand out to university admissions officers and future employers because of your entrepreneurial experiences, helping you get into university or your dream job with more ease (if you choose to work to gain experience before starting your own business).
Effortlessly manage your time and prioritise tasks, leading to increased productivity and reduced stress in both your personal and professional life.
Bounce back from setbacks and adapt to change with ease, turning challenges into opportunities and growing stronger with each experience.
Confidently connect with influential people, fostering valuable relationships that can open doors to exciting opportunities and collaborations throughout your life.
Applying logical, analytical thinking to complex problems, enabling you to make informed decisions and develop innovative solutions in any situation.
Understand and manage your own emotions, as well as empathising with others, leading to improved communication and stronger interpersonal relationships.
Stand out among job candidates with your entrepreneurial mindset and skillset, making you an attractive hire for companies seeking forward-thinking, self-motivated employees.
Successfully negotiate deals and agreements, ensuring favourable outcomes for yourself and your business ventures.
Embracing continuous learning and self-improvement, inspiring you to consistently reach for higher levels of personal and professional success.
Apply the knowledge and skills learned in the programme to real-world situations, gaining practical experience that will serve you well in your future endeavours.
Establish a strong personal brand that showcases your unique strengths and talents, attracting opportunities and helping you stand out in your chosen field.
Discover and pursue your true passion, using your entrepreneurial skills to turn your dreams into a successful and fulfilling reality.
Use your entrepreneurial knowledge and resources to make a difference in your community, inspiring others and creating a lasting, positive impact.
Deliver persuasive presentations and effectively communicate your ideas, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.
Expertly manage projects from conception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and success while your peers see you as the go-to person who always gets the job done.
Tackle challenges head-on, using creative and innovative problem-solving techniques to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals in both your personal and professional life.
Develop a strong work ethic, consistently striving for excellence in everything you do, and inspiring others with your dedication and commitment to success.
Effectively collaborate with diverse teams, leveraging the unique strengths of each member to achieve common goals and fostering a collaborative environment that promotes growth and success for all.
Explore new ideas and perspectives through your entrepreneurial journey, opening your mind to a world of possibilities, and embrace the diverse opportunities that await you in the global marketplace.

Picture yourself breaking free from traditional career expectations and forging your own unique path, driven by your passions, skills, and the entrepreneurial spirit you’ve cultivated.

By enrolling in the Young Hustlers Entrepreneurship Programme, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities for personal growth, leadership, and success, shaping your child’s future into something truly extraordinary.

Enrol your child in the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme today

Give your child a head start by equipping him or her for a bright future as a self-sufficient entrepreneur

How the enrolment process works:

Please enter the amount of students you would like to enrol, the click on “Continue to payment.”

Please enter the amount of students you would like to enrol, the click on “Continue to payment.”

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Feedback from youth who attended our Entrepreneurship Mastery Programme

Meet the Founder and Head Coach

Leon Lategan

Leon Lategan is the Founder and Head Coach of the School of Entrepreneurship and Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme. As an accomplished business owner himself, Leon has coached, trained and spoken to over 50 000 entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives in South Africa and 21 cities globally. And today, Leon is passionate about teaching South Africa’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Education is the foundation of a bright and prosperous future, and every child deserves a comprehensive education that includes entrepreneurship and helps them develop the mindset and skills they need to become self-sufficient and succeed in life.”

Leon Lategan

An entrepreneurial mindset and skills will open doors for your child after school

In a world where adaptability and innovation are key, gaining entrepreneurial skills early on can significantly impact your child’s career trajectory, giving them a competitive edge and setting them up for long-term success in the economy of tomorrow.

However, if your child misses out on attending an entrepreneur programme while they’re young, they may face certain disadvantages in their future career.

Without early exposure to entrepreneurial skills and mindset, they could miss valuable opportunities to develop creativity, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities that are essential in today’s competitive economy.

Moreover, they may not have the chance to build a network of like-minded peers and mentors that could open doors to exciting opportunities down the line.

Enrol your child in the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme today

Give your child a head start by equipping him or her for a bright future as a self-sufficient entrepreneur

How the enrolment process works:

Please enter the amount of students you would like to enrol, the click on “Continue to payment.”

Please enter the amount of students you would like to enrol, the click on “Continue to payment.”

Pay once-off for the year today to save R70!

Cancel Anytime
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently asked questions and answers

No, there are none. All children of school-going age can enrol in the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme, whether they are attending school or not. Marks don’t matter either.

The Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme is designed for children in high school, between the ages of 12 and 18, but if your child is a few years younger, they are still welcome to join the Programme.

You can either pay R290 once-off for the year or 4 payments of R90 over a period of 4 months. Keep in mind, you save R70 if you pay for the year upfront.

Payments are processed securely by PayFast who offers the following options:

– Credit or cheque card (Visa or MasterCard)

– Debit card (Visa Electron or Maestro)

– Instant EFT via FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Thyme, African Bank, Bidvest, or Investec

– QR Code Apps provided by SnapScan, Zapper, and Scan to Pay by Ukheshe, as well as FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, Vodapay, RMB, and Pay Spot

– MoreThyme by Thyme Bank

– Mobicred

– SCode via retailers such as Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture, House & Home, and Usave

– RCS Store Cards

Please visit PayFast to learn more about these payment options, or contact us if you have questions.

The enrolment process is straightforward:

– Scroll to the big blue box that contains your two payment options

– Select a payment option by clicking on either the “Monthly” or “Yearly” button

– Fill out the order form with your personal and contact information

– Choose a payment method that suits you

– Finalise your child’s enrolment by clicking the “Complete Payment” button

– Complete the student onboarding process by providing us with your child’s information

After completing the onboarding process, you will receive a confirmation email with vital information about the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme, such as when, where, and how your child can attend the weekly coaching sessions.

You will also receive login details for the website where your child can access recordings of all the coaching sessions.

You can click here to view a list of participating schools. If your child’s school isn’t listed, it’s most likely because they don’t know about the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme yet.

Please feel free to tell the principal of your child’s school about the Programme and to contact us should they like to know more and get involved.

Yes, if your child successfully completes the Young Hustlers Entrepreneur Programme’s curriculum by attending all the coaching sessions, either live or by watching the recordings, and completing all the assignments.

Yes, you can enrol your child as long as the enrolment process on the website is open. However, once enrolment closes for a particular year, your child will have to wait until next year.

Please send us your questions by completing the form hon our Contact Us page here.

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